Events Diary

General Events (open to all)

Facial Massage Workshops

Facial Massage workshops are a wonderful, inexpensive present for yourself, treat for a friend, your Mum or daughter – or even better do it together!

The face, neck, skull and shoulders have 91 muscles and they don't get used nearly as much as they should, so they become tired, lazy and flatten out and it starts to show.

Like to do something about it?

Learn an effective, rejuvenating and relaxing facial massage routine that you can easily incorporate into your own daily routine.

Monthly workshops held - please contact Alison Brown for further information.

ADD, ADHD, the Autistic Spectrum and Complementary Therapy

To enable a more individually focused approach for parents and carers, this seminar is currently being run on a one to one basis, with availability throughout the year. Please contact Sue Pash for further information.

Continuing Professional Development (for practicing therapists and students of complementary therapy)

Practice Management – Please contact Damian Etherington for details of upcoming Practice Management seminars, or for information regarding the one to one coaching service.

The initial stage of the Practice Management series can be done either by attendance at a seminar, (Practice Management 1) or by phone/email coaching sessions. Completion of Practice Management 1 by either route enables you to attend, in any order, any of the optional additional seminars in the Practice Management series.

Other Subjects

Other continuing professional development is available on a rolling programme of one to one mentoring, geared to the individual therapist or student. Please see the Educational Services page for further information.