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The address of The Therapy Network is a small reception area plus two treatment rooms. If you are too early for an appointment, we would recommend that you make use of the shops and facilities in Somerton until nearer your appointment time. If your booked appointment is within a few minutes of your arrival in Somerton, there is a very small waiting area in reception. Your therapist will collect you at the commencement of your appointment.

Therapists are often available between sessions and for regular open mornings for information and retail sale of products. We stock many products that can be sold without a therapist consultation (such as the Facial range and general Aromatherapy products). However for certain products (such as the Energetix professional remedy and supplement line), although a full appointment may not be necessary, it is important for us to ensure that a particular product or combination of remedies is optimal. To those within travelling distance of the Somerton treatment rooms, we offer a 15 minute supplement check appointment. To ensure that a therapist trained in the Energetix products is available, pre-booking is essential.

If you are making a special journey for the purchase of products, please ensure that you have checked that the treatment rooms will be open, or book a supplement check appointment for the purchase of Energetix products.

Alternatively, you can request an online service for the purchase of Energetix products. However please note that we may make recommendations through email to a customer if we think that a particular combination of remedies is not optimal, or to verify that the customer is under the care of a practitioner.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us using the following contact information.

The Therapy Network

Sue Pash

The Therapy Network
Brunel Shopping Centre
TA11 7PY

Phone: 01458 274136